Thursday, July 3, 2014

Weekly Buffet: Just Dance Edition

[It's a Vegas party, at a pool, on the roof.]

I danced all weekend - this is a phrase not often uttered from my mouth.  This time it's also no exaggeration. Starting Thursday night and into the early morning of Monday, this gal went from parading herself at a concert to flying straight down to Las Vegas.

At the end of the weekend my legs were dang tired as I boarded my plane after only a half hour cat nap. With stories to tell, a life without shut eye seems alright. Well, at least for a few days anyway.

Going from a crazy weekend right into a long work week has meant looking for anything that will help keep my eyes awake. Fun tunes and laughing through telling stories about my recent adventures has definitely helped.

From a raging concert to a funny lady who always dances and moves like no one is watching, this has been an entertaining week.

Iggy Azalea - "Fancy"

Ask me a week ago about "Fancy" and I would have ran screaming in the opposite direction. It was always on the radio, I didn't like the singers voice, and was just generally confuesed about it being so popular. Even the first night in Vegas I was getting irritated about how often it played, thinking, "oh great, this is the music of my entire weekend."

Then the next day, the bride to be (yes, I was at an outrageously fun bacherlorette party in Vegas) gathered us all around to watch a magical music video that paid homage to a film classic - Cher, Dionne, and their infamous plaid mini skirts have never been more perfectly recreated. Come to find out this was crafted by the hands of my irriatator - Ms. Azalea!

Truth is, I'm a hater no more - Oh boy am I obsessed with that music video! How has no one thought to do this before? The costumes are utterly perfection. The only thing that would make this better is if Paul Rudd had made a cameo.

I'm late to the party, so this video is probably way old news by now, but maybe one of you out there hadn't seen it. When it comes to anything related to Clueless, we all need to share the love to keep us all "rollin' with the homies". 

By the last night in Vegas, I literally jumped up and clapped when this song came on, happily playing the music video in my head. Proving Clueless really does make everything better.


Melissa McCarthy. Susan Sarandan. Allison Janney.  Kathy Bates. Who doesn't love this combination of women? Really, you had me at Sarandon in a granny wig.

Nothing will talk me out of renting (yeah, I said rent, I do have some restrictions) this movie, even if it does currently have a stinky 28% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Don't care, talk to the hand. They have McCarthy's sweet moves in the trailer set to "Gangsta's Paradise" for crying out loud.

If you don't want to wait for the DVD, it is playing right now at a theater near you. 


On Thursday, owning a mullet better than anyone ever has, Robyn strutted out on the stage at Marymoor Park in Redmond, WA and continued to bounce, spin, and dance for over an hour. The above video will give you a pretty good visual idea of the concert I attended.

I marveled from the crowd, enjoying the tunes, but highly impressed by her ability to exert endless amounts of high octane energy. There were also at least four costume changes.

If you want to see Robyn live don't make the same mistake that my friend and I did - if your instinct says to wear a fur coat to the show or perhaps a sparkly jump suit, don't question it, just do it.

Huge missed opportunity to not wear something ridiculous, since 3/4 of the crowd was dressed to the nines.

Dancing and what not might not be for you, but get out there and just enjoy these summer months. I've already kicked off July pretty strong, now I just have to keep it going.

Since we are on the topic of Robyn, I'll leave you with just one more thing that always cracks me up - the combination of a Robyn classic and my comedy man crush, Taran Killam.

Until next time. 

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