Saturday, November 1, 2014

Holiday Dress Up

It's the 1st of November. All of the creepy movies have already been swept from existence on television and Christmas flicks are actually airing on the Hallmark channel. Elf also aired on Halloween night - I guess there has to be the counter entertainment for people who don't like to be scared.

I, however, can't get enough of all the spookiness that comes with the one holiday where it is deemed acceptable to wear a costume all day. To work, to the grocery store, and out in the streets - the day has no bounds for the silly and the scary.

Due to my surgery recovery I had to bail on any actual "going out" plans for the night, but with family stopping by and trick-or-treaters on the prowl a costume was still a must. One problem - going out and about hasn't been too easy for me of late, so hitting up Value Village to throw together a get up wasn't high on my list of priorities. It is in times like these where creativity can be the greatest of virtues.

Over the years I've collected quite a trunk of random accessories. Everything from a mini water gun (saved from a showing of Rocky Horror) to an assortment of hats (because who doesn't love a good hat?) has been saved just in case they could come in handy. Merely looking around my room and closet I came up with numerous great ideas for an ensemble.

Thinking through my list of random costumes, I settled on one homage to a classic flick, The Birds. I just needed a few pieces to pull it off. From my closet I pulled a 1960s feeling dress with a pencil skirt and a green cardigan to match the color of Tippi Hedren's outfit from the flick. Next was some murderous crows. Those could simply be printed out, taped on the sweater, and maybe even one could be rigged up to look like it was attacking, swooping down from above.

Earlier in the day I told my grandma (aka a classic film aficionado) all about my plans. She was excited, but came up with an even better idea. I had also filled her in about some of my other ideas, to which she replied, "Well, why don't you just change into as many costumes as you can?"

Challenge accepted!

Move over SJP. Last night was no 2000 MTV movie awards, but I did give Sarah Jessica a run for her money, and had seven costume changes. Maybe it was just the pain killers I'm on, but boy did I have fun.

All of these were quite simple to do. Each only required a few pieces of clothing, used interchangeably, some accessories, and a little make-up. Below are some fun snaps of the night. Enjoy.

The Pompous Yacht Owner

Farmer Ted

Snidely Whiplash  / 
Generic Old-Timey Movie Villain

Magician! Ooooh. Aaaaah. 

Wannabe Lounge Singer

For The Birds


To be honest, I could have done more. After awhile though I got tired of bugging people to take my picture and those rabid trick-or-treater's started coming in mass quantities making it difficult to transform.

Other costumes I had up my sleeve: masquerade ball attendee, noir film actress, flapper, 80s talk show host, Jon Snow, princess (with a unicorn), old time gym workout man, Carrie White, gypsy, fortune teller, Hunter S. Thompson, Cruella de Vil, and a pageant contestant. This list could be longer, but my brain gave up after awhile.

Twenty! That's twenty costume ideas just pulled together from things I already own. Well, with a little assistance from a computer and a printer. I never would have thought. It's funny, since every year I think that I have absolutely nothing to wear for Halloween. A fun exercise indeed.

Get collecting more props now, make a hat wall, and you too could be ready for any costume party.

Until next time.

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    1. Hey thanks! It was a great twist for the evening and definitely fun digging through random stuff to come up with ideas. Highly recommended.


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