Sunday, November 2, 2014


[Farewell old friend.]

Well, it took exactly six months to the day (totally unplanned coincidence), but I finally got around to doing a slight blog makeover. The Almost Famous header homage is dunzo and the To Kill A Mockingbird update has taken over.

All it did was take a few clicks off a mouse to upload the image, so I don't really know what took me so long. Geez.

Also, it's Novel November!  I decided to participate except for with a twist. Instead of trying to write like a mad woman on some work of fiction, I am going to challenge myself to write some nonsense on this blog every day during the month.

Honestly, a task that is easy for some, but not for me. Sometimes I spend days pouring over a single idea that eventually turns into a 2,000+ word magnum opus. This shall be a fun exercise in writing succinct posts about a bunch of randomness. Get ready for an assortment of commentary on strange movies, crazy news stories, bitchin' tunes, and whatever happens to pop into this gals brain.

It will be good to break out those skills for "writing quickly in a noisy newsroom" that have gone unused for the last five years. Everyday I'll just imagine that someone is yelling over my shoulder about copy that needs to be sent in ASAP. Motivation indeed.

Novel November is all about committing to writing about anything and everything. So, all those participants out there, best of luck. Let's get our creativity on!

Until next time.

P.S. I wrote this in under 10 minutes! This new state of mind is working already.

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