Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Week That Was...

The year 2014 as we know it is quickly coming to a close. This whole time change in November doesn't help things either. Even though the days are the same length, those deep, dark winter nights start much earlier in the day. Around these parts, the sun is down by 4:30 pm and everyone just wants to crawl into bed.

Since no begging or pleading makes the progression of days slow down, we all just have to do our best. Much of the time it feels like everything is whirling by unnoticed. It is especially unnerving when I can't even remember what I had for dinner the night before. One way to help manage the madness is take a step back and think about what happened that day or week or month.

This week of November 3rd  was all about freaking out in regards to the midterm elections, highly anticipated movie releases, and for some reason, spicy sauces.

Just A Bi-Partisan 2014 Election Statement

Those that are now in control of the house, this is directed at you. Simply, prove America wrong. Do something. Work. Pass legislation that is going to have a positive impact on everyone in this country. That's all.

Also, in more hilarious news, the future of "Clay Aiken Congressman" is no more. He  lost his election in North Carolina. Alas, it was the only time I wanted him to win anything. He needed to bring in Olivia Pope to be his gladiator.

 No Need To Add To Perfection

Buzz. Woody. Jessie. Mr. Potato Head. Mr. Pricklepants.

All of the toys from the Toy Story movies have become part of our lives. When the third and (supposedly) final movie came to the last scenes, all of us fans had prepared ourselves for the end. Even though it was nearly impossible to maintain composure while watching a group of inanimate objects/friends hold hands while heading into the abyss. Don't look at me - I'm getting teary just thinking about it. Ahh, I'm such a woman.

In the last few minutes of the movie, Andy said farewell to his childhood friends and they all watched him leave for college from the porch of their new home. It was as sad as that lady who had to choose one of her children to live in Sophie's Choice, but it was perfect. We were all saying goodbye. The three movies could have lived on as a wonderful trilogy, wrapped up in an exemplary bow for all of time.

Then there was an announcement this week. I may be the only one not excited to hear that Toy Story 4 is in the works.

Another movie just doesn't seem necessary. However, as an uber Pixar fan, it is hard to not get behind everything they create. Maybe there are more stories to tell with those characters. It won't sully the past three movies, but when you get used to something being over, it makes it more difficult to care.

Historic Anniversary

On this day 25-years-ago, the Berlin Wall was just beginning to be ripped down. All I was thinking about today was - what would it be like to have your life regulated to such an extreme and how did such a thing last for so long?

It is all a reminder of what kinds of terrible oppression has happened. It never works. World leaders will hopefully think of our past and in current crises find a way to settle differences without hindering the life of innocent civilians.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, David Hasselhoff is big in Germany because he personally defeated the communists. 

Popular Sauces? 

People get mocked for hiding ranch dressing or extra seasoning packets in their purse, so why is it now "cool" to carry sriracha everywhere? It's a cute bottle, I'll give y'all that much.

Another, much better question - how did a sauce become trendy? It's just a hot sauce people. Sure it's delicious on things - so is salsa and other stuff. Stop talking about it. And please stop turning the product into Halloween costumes.

Interstellar Disappointment?

After all the teaser trailers and endless build up over the last year, Christopher Nolan's latest premiered this weekend to less than a, dare I say, stellar reception. Most surprising of all Interstellar came in second at the box office. This will not be a repeat of Dark Knight caliber domination. Big Hero 6 does have that cute, squishy robot, so I see why some people chose that movie instead.

Having not actually seen Interstellar yet, I can only speak to the general reviews. Most of the reaction is mixed, with more people noting the film is partially fantastic and bad. What worries me is one overall statement that seems to be shared - the premise gets too lost in unintelligible pseudo-science "mumbo jumbo". As in, it doesn't make sense. I hated Inception for the same reason.

Either way, McConaughey in space - I was / still am on board and will be seeing it soon. Although, I will say my excitement about the movie has dwindled.

P.S. See Nightcrawler if you are feeling the need to check out a great, exciting movie in the theater. The rest of the Oscar bait movies I see this year will be judged against that one.

Until next time.  

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