Monday, November 10, 2014

Commercially Successful

Celebrities used to turn their noses up at the prospect of being on television. It was either be in the movies are nothing else would do!

Now that TV is producing high quality, thought provoking, artsy entertainment, that sentiment has entirely changed.  So much so, even commercials are featuring A-List celebrities.

If you're good at recognizing voices, you already know that just about every voice-over in a  commercial is done by big stars. Not to mention, the much talked about ads starring Matthew McConaughey and Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy. In both those cases, the cars they were promoting saw a huge rise in sales. This trend of big names promoting products will not end any time soon.

He may not be getting as big of roles as McConaughey anymore, but I'm not surprised that Rob Lowe has also made a must-see commercial. Since becoming the excitable like a bunny and huge health nut Chris Traeger on Parks and Recreation, the guy has repeatedly undergone the transformation from leading man to zany character actor.

We'll never forget his dreamboat, straight man years, in such productions as, St. Elmo's Fire, The West Wing, and the memorable Lifetime miniseries, Beach Girls, but embracing his weird side is the best decision he has ever made made. 

From his waxy, pliable looking face that was all done up to play Liberace's plastic surgeon in Behind the Candelabra, to now donning everything from a fanny pack to Sasquatch like body hair. Lowe has recently fully committed to  playing numerous characters in a hilarious string of commercials.

What just started as one ad turned into a series. It seemed like a new one would debut every couple days over a month. Every time Rob Lowe came on the screen, you'd wonder what new character they had come up with this time. It was actually exciting. It's been a long time since I felt that way about, of all things, a commercial.

Watching football has become even better this year. These four ads for Direct TV will cycle through multiple times during a single game and it doesn't appear anyone has gotten sick of them yet.

It does turn out however, that there has been a backlash against the ad seen above.

According to an interview with The Associated Press, the International Paruresis Association (a group which represents people who have "shy bladder syndrome") would like Direct TV to stop playing the commercial. They feel it makes a mockery out of those who suffer from the condition.

Not to be insensitive, but probably plenty of people who have tons of body hair might not love one of the other TV spots either. There is always going to be someone that is offended by something.

In the end we should all take a deep breath and realize Direct TV isn't out to get us. Are you still pissed International Paruresis Association? Don't get Direct TV - that will show 'em.

The rest of us will just be over here enjoying Lowe in all his acting glory. Here's hoping for some new ads in the future.

Until next time.

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