Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Trailer Wars: Hold On To Your Butts...Again

I bet every article about the new trailer for Jurassic World is titled with that classic Samuel L. Jackson line - it just can't be helped. That's a significant moment in cinema and needs to be celebrated as much as possible.

While Mr. Jackson and the rest of the original cast will be sadly missed, this latest installment in the Jurassic Park franchise is really getting people talking.

After two ho-hum sequels, that not even Julianne Moore or William H. Macy could liven up,  it looks like they finally came up with the perfect reason to resurrect the series.

The first movie lived on the premise of bringing dinosaurs back to life. Being able to go to a place like that seemed exciting. Jurassic World shows us that even after all the terror from the original movies, someone is trying this whole dinosaur zoo/Sea World park again.

Everything seems to be doing well... at least for awhile. Anyone could tell you that, just like the tiger that was loose in Paris, one of those dino's was going to get out eventually.

At first the movie feels like just a complete rehash of the original. The ideas are definitely similar, but the new flick is really just sampling the best ideas from the original (running away from scary dinosaurs and exploring the park) and then switching things around. There is even a new creature doing Shamoo style tricks!

Best of all, two of the funniest men of television - Chris Pratt and Jake Johnson - will be running around trying to stop dino destruction. Aw Pratt, from Everwood to movie star, it's been his time to shine for a long while.

I'll keep longing for a Goldblum cameo ("Life...uh... finds a way."), but even if that doesn't happen, it looks already promising that the weekend of June 12th, 2015 is going to be all about people flocking to see Jurassic World.

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