Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Weekly Buffet: Pop Culture Thank You

Turkey Day is about making some great food and also, hopefully, spending a little more time thinking outside of ourselves. There's really no better time to spread our appreciation to those that are around us.

Just for fun, it's also a great occasion to ponder other things that make us happy. Some thanks can be thrown out to those movies, books, songs, or shows that help entertain us and brighten our spirits when everything else seems lost.

Over the last week I have found numerous things that deserve proper appreciation. So, without further ado, I'd like to say, "Thank You..."

Begin Again, for giving Adam Levine a great jam to sing, so he wouldn't be completely irritating throughout the whole movie.

I'm still not a very big fan of his, but this melody has been stuck in my head. Plus, the bridge at 2:43 is one of my favorites from a song this year. "Lost Stars" has a high potential for getting a Best Song nomination at The Oscars this year.

P. S. The rest of the soundtrack is filled with other terrific tunes.

The Seahawks, for bringing my family together every Sunday.

It's often a nail biter of a game, but in between plays and during commercials it's a barrel of laughs. Listen close this Thanksgiving, which is now also a tense 12th Man day.  We'll be in the house that is both bursting with roaring laughter and tons of cheering for Marshawn Lynch and Doug Baldwin.

Well, if we can muster any energy after stuffing our faces.

Fun coworkers who give me grand nicknames like "Moxie" and then buy me books with said name in the title.

Julia Collins from Jeopardy, who last week nearly won The Tournament of Champions! As compensation, that cool smart chick can still say she has the second longest winning streak, just below Ken Jennings.

PBS, for continuing to feature terribly strange and wonderful things from the world of the arts. Over the weekend I caught part of a production of Cats playing on PBS. I've never seen it all the way through, but what a bizarre plot! I'm still not totally clear what is happening, but even after 34 years this is still a showstopper: 

One day I'll crack this musical. It's based on poetry by T.S. Eliot - this is all very fascinating.

That wasn't the only solid performance showcased on PBS recently. Emma Thompson also proved that she is the queen of the stage, and thus the queen of everything, after taking on the role of Mrs. Lovett in Sweeny Todd.

Support public television! No other channel even plays anything like this.

Magazines, all of them, because they continue to fight the fight, stay in print, and always make checkout stands at grocery stores look pretty.

The Office, for accurately predicating what actually happens in offices around America and giving me the witty banter to respond appropriately to these situations.

Just a week ago at work, I observed some ladies showing off some new outfits, almost like a fashion show. Casually walking by, I re-enacted the below clip, brought to you by Kelly Kapoor. Dream complete.

Pop culture converging in reality is always a highlight.

Enjoy the most thankful time of the year!

How can you not be grateful for a world that understands Tom Hanks comedy?

Until next time.

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