Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Weekly Buffet: "You're Being Such a Non-Pillow Right Now!"

[Poehler or Mallahan - Who wore it better?]

Points will be distributed to all who recognized the quote in the post title as one delivered by James Franco on an episode of 30 Rock.

It has been a long week of getting used to work again, mixed with still being in a little pain, so coming across the episode "Klaus and Greta", which features Franco, really put me in good spirits yesterday. He was playing an alternate version of himself, but in the years since the episode aired, I now fully believe that Franco could actually be in a love with a Japanese body pillow. If you haven't seen the episode, this sounds cuckoo, so go watch it and find out why Franco was comedy gold.

In other funny news - when a wonderful, surprise gift showed up on my doorstep, I gasped after opening the package to find a book and a familiar picture on the back of the book jacket. Well, it was Amy Poehler's author photo for Yes Please, and we look nothing alike, except for when we both don a captains hat.

When I was throwing random outfits together on Halloween I never would have thought that it would end up matching another photo rather perfectly. It's not just the hat, but the facial direction, the scarf, and the pipe. I still can't really get over it. Some say I'm just like Sandra Bullock in that movie Premonition, where I think that I simply run into crazy coincidences on a regular basis.

Other than goofy photo-shoots and laughing about body pillows, there was quite a lot more to check out. Here are this week's suggestions.

MasterChef Junior

Cooking shows have been expanding from The Food Network for awhile now. Most of them involve adults talking smack to other competitors, while making some sort of foam to put all over their food.

Do you know what's better than watching adults cook on TV? Easy answer - watching KIDS cook on TV!

The children on MasterChef Junior are unbelievable. They cook and plate food with such delicate precision that you forget they weren't even alive when the Clinton scandal happened. None of the drama, like those other shows, is ever an issue. They band together, supporting each other when one little chef gets overwhelmed and cheering on their competitors when they bake a beautiful looking pie. Leave it to kids to be extra sweet, showing adults a think or two about how we should all act.

Sometimes I wonder if this isn't just another "stage mom" type situation and the parents are off camera forcing their children to cook for Gordon Ramsay.  Then these 8-13 year-old's demonstrate that they have the skill to cook better than the average adult. It's all very clear that the children love cooking and wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

Dandy Is Leo

Finn Wittrock plays Dandy Mott on this season of American Horror Story. Dandy is quite the scary adult who lives with his mom in a mansion and hangs out in a playroom that continually looks like it belongs in the Overlook Hotel from The Shining.

Without any spoilers, this dude is part of many a creepy things happening on the show. Making it more unsettling is the boyish visage that is remarkably close to that of Hollywood heartthrob Leonardo Dicaprio.

Every time the camera gets close to Wittrock's face (which is often) the resemblance is uncanny.  He's got the hair, the eyes, and that coy grin. Leo has played many a dastardly character, and even though it would be upsetting, he could have also taken on the role of Dandy like a psychotic champ.

In other AHS news, I can't go on in life without referencing an interview that several members of the cast (Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, Sarah Paulson, and Emma Roberts) gave on Watch What Happens Live. Part of the show was fantastically dedicated to drag queens that were dressed as famous Kathy Bates movie characters. The showstopper (and obvious winner) went to the person who paid homage to the Saran Wrap dress Ms. Bates wore in Fried Green Tomatoes. Other than the "Towanda" scene, that moment is the finest comedic highlight in the entire film.

Watch the entire wonderful episode here. Bates also dishes about smoking weed with Susan Sarandon. I'm not big on drugs, but boy would I make an exception if it was with those two.

Lykke Li - I Never Learn

This album from the Swedish singer-songwriter is far from new. I Never Learn, the third studio album for Lykke Li, was released back in May, where it debuted at number 29 on the Billboard charts (the highest ranking for her to date).

At only ten tracks, it's a short but extremely beautiful set of songs. Lykke Li is a pop star who can write catchy songs layered with gorgeous and unique melodies. With a mixture of upbeat tunes and dramatic ballads, her songs don't just sound like they came out of a trendy music factory. Plus, she can really sing.

I listened to this album like mad when it was released, but in the last week it has made a resurgence on my musical rotation. The album's haunting sound is the perfect soundtrack against the cold wind howling outside.

Until next time.
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