Saturday, April 10, 2010

Best Picture Winner 1930

War movies generally have never been my thing. Modern war depictions with all the blood, guts, and arms (or various body parts) flying off is just a little to much. Although, after watching All Quiet on the Western Front I actually see myself making an exception. Much of the film is like any other war movie that is heavily focused on action and blood in the trenches. Although, it is the unique aspects of this particular war movie which ended up winning me over.

Having the source material of the 1929 novel of the same name gives this movie its' strongest feature; the story. I must confess that this novel has been on my "I Should Probably Get To Reading This" list for several years, so I can not say for myself if the movie is anything like the book. We all know what assuming does, but after doing a little research my instincts were confirmed. Most others on the internet seem to find that it sticks closely to the book. I digress...

World War I is beginning and the country needs soldiers. Sitting in a German classroom a group of young men dream of being heroes. As the film progresses, the true reality of war sets in for these characters. They could be heroes, but more than likely each one will end up dead. For every action scene there is an equally powerful point where the characters are seen to be either trying to stay strong or completly falling apart and even screaming during bomb raids.

This film is over 80 years old, and I don't think there has been a more honest portrayal of war and how it effects people. Up to the last minute the story is strong and defnitely leaves a lasting impression.

Fans of the book, war movies, or simply just those who adore films would definitely find something to love in this movie.

Who knew this would end up so damn positive. I have to get to something soon that I don't like so that I can have some street cred.

There are a few more movies focued on war that I thought about as I was watching All Quiet on The Western Front.

Further Watching Suggestions:

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