Sunday, May 9, 2010

Betty White: She Topped Off One Hell Of A Birthday

Saturday was my birthday and all day long as I was enjoying seeing friends and family, opening gifts and just plain general merriment, there was one thought going constantly in the back of my mind; Betty White is hosting Saturday Night Live tonight. Yes, I had rallied behind the Facebook group months ago that began her journey to the stage and I was truly excited along with anyone who matters. Lets just say all the months of anticipation paid off.

SNL is at its best when the hosts are not just who is hot right now, but are people who are honestly talented and have the guts to go for the laugh. White made the perfect host for SNL as it was obvious that she is daring enough to try and say anything. Almost all of the sketches simply involved White swearing or some sort of innuendo, but when is this not funny? The answer is: it's always funny and may I say, sounds even better coming out of the mouth of Americas national treasure.

Every single sketch of the night had Betty featured in some fashion, which I was impressed with. Special guests also added to making last nights episode one the greatest. It was a female dominated extravaganza bringing back the talent of past cast members (Maya Rudolph, Molly Shannon, Rachel Dratch, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler,  and Anna Gasteyer) that took the lead in most of the sketches, but Betty was always there right along with the rest of the cast.

The Delicious Dish, featuring Shannon and Gasteyer as NPR hosts, was a classic sketch that was resurrected. White played their radio guest, a baker with an affinity for her muffins,  and will probably go down as everyone favorite of the night. Bringing back other old character bits like Shannons' Sally O'Malley on Weekend Update and Dratchs' Debbie Downer (editors note: this sketch did not make the live show-but was filmed and can now be found online) just made me miss these old cast members a lot, but it was fun to see them all back again. I had been crossing my fingers for a Martha Stewart impression from Gasteyer or seeing Amy Poehler again as the one legged chick with the heart of gold; all for another day.

(White plays a Grandma who just wants to "Lezz it up" in one of my favorite sketeches of the night, especially because it features all of the ladies).

A night packed full of truly hilarious and ballsy women proved SNL still has the capacity to create an entertaining night of television that is worth staying up late so that nothing is missed. Hats off to Betty White, it was actually sad to see 1 a.m roll around. Side note: When are you ever going to see White and Jay-Z  in the same room ever again? Hopefully more often.

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