Monday, May 10, 2010

MacGruber Inspired: Best Comedy Villians

Will Forte. Funny. Kristen Wiig. Funny. MacGruber the movie. Looks like it could go either way.

 This fast pace regular sketch on SNL usually makes me chuckle, but a full length movie? I'm still questioning it. Even Betty White on Saturdays show, playing MacGruber's latest side kick (his grandmother), couldn't make this idea for a movie seem more appealing. Who knows though, this could be one of those movies that will be surprisingly funny. I'm hoping it will be.

What is appealing though is the sudden appearance of Val Kilmer's face in the preview. What happened to Val Kilmer anyway? Well, all we know is that he is now in this movie.

It's always entertaining to find actors usually seen in serious roles somehow find their way into a comedy. It's even better when they are then cast as the role of the hated villain. Not to be left out, funny people have also lent their hand to bringing the evil on screen. From the preview for MacGruber it is apparent that Val Kilmer can now add his name to a long list of actors who have already accomplished the art of the comedy villain.  Lets look back on some winners from the past:

1. Rob Lowe: Tommy Boy
This is one of those roles I'm sure Lowe doesn't look back on often. A goofy movie starring David Spade and Chris Farley, but Lowe brings the drama. He plays the con man trying to steal money away from Tommy (played by Farley) after the death of his father. Not a particularly stand out performance, but it just always makes me laugh that Rob Lowe is in this movie.

2. Bradley Whitford: Billy Madison
This movie is pulled fondly from the memory of many children of the 90's. Whitford's portrayal of a jealous crazed employee of Billy's (Adam Sandler)  father in moments completely makes the movie. He throws things at children during birthday parties and is constantly scheming plans to steal the company away, evil laugh and all. The end where he battles Adam Sandler at a Academic Decathlon (specifically the trivia portion) will live on in film lore.

3. Will Ferrel: Zoolander
Mugatu is training models to kill! In order to truly pull off the villain, much like Whitford, you must commit to looking crazy. Ferrel spends much of this movie screaming, so I think he accomplishes this quite well.

4. Jeffery Jones: Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Without the hatred for Principal Ed Rooney there would be no reason to root for Ferris to have the best damn day ever. We want Ferris to get away with it and without any regard for how stupid Rooney continually looks. The clips rolling through the credits show Rooney boarding a school bus covered in dirt and completely defeated down by Ferris, and is played so well by Jones that it is the perfect ending to that film.

5. Jeremy Piven: Old School
Piven began his career playing smaller parts in almost every John Cusack movie that comes to mind. Piven now seems to be stuck playing the same aggressive, bad tempered, character in everything he does. Well, we owe the film Old School for this, because it started here and he has never looked back. For those unfamiliar with the film, Piven plays the mean dean of the University who tries to shut down the fun of our heroes; the 40 something guys starting a Fraternity.

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