Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Is This Really Happening This Time?

Many years ago in one of my high school classes we watched a documentary that filmed the production of a certain movie falling to shambles. This documentary was called Lost In La Mancha and it followed Terry Gilliam's persistently cursed project about Don Quixote.

So, when I heard reports this morning that the movie was back in production the one word that came to mind was: seriously?

Gilliam has serious determination about completing this movie. For all of you in the dark about the lore, here is a Sparks Notes version: Gilliam last went into production on the original version of  The Man Who Killed Don Quixote with Johnny Depp in tow over ten years ago. Unforeseen and endless challenges made the project seem like it was innatly doomed. The production team for the documentary following Gilliam ended up catching this all on film.

Within several days of shooting the film all of the following occured; sickness of the actor playing Quixote (Jean Rochefort), flooding on the sets, financial woes, and enough other bad business to make the movie shut down indefinitely. Until now.

Johnny Depp has since dropped out and Ewan McGregor will be taking his place; not too shabby of a change up. Rumor has it that Robert Duvall has been cast as Quixote this time around. People definitely have guts to take part in this, but hopefully something will come out of it this time. Well, something other than a must see documentary film.

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