Thursday, June 17, 2010

I Hate Being Behind On Things

It makes me feel like a fraud when I only hear about amazing books once they have been turned into movies.

This happened once again today as I stumbled upon the engrossing and somewhat chilling trailer for Never Let Me Go.

What is happening? This makes me want to run out and read this book, now. Apparently, when the novel of the same name was released in 2005 it had quite the buzz. Time Magazine even placed it among their list of best novels EVER written. Well, only out of English novels from 1923-2005, but that still seems like a pretty big deal.

Don't, I warn you, once you see this beautifully mysterious trailer go and obsessively Google the book. You will then in turn, like I did, ruin the plot for yourself.

Great movie trailers just really do it for me. I could, and will write a whole post dedicated entirely to the art of the movie trailer.

By the way, I'm on the Carey Mulligan train right now which gets a plus for the movie, but then Keira Knightly kind of ruined it for me. Releasing in October of this year means that it will definitely be some bait for the Oscars, and probably both of these ladies.

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