Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Trailer Wars

Last night I was embarrassingly (even for myself) watching the premiere of Huge on ABC Family. [Editors side tangent: but it's not called that because its about a weight loss camp, right? It's because there are some HUGE changes happening in these teens' lives? Let's all hope. It is after all created by the genius lady who invented My So Called Life.] Anyway, eventually it was all worth it, because during a commercial there was a new epic preview for Harry Potter!

It is always present to my nerdy personality that movie trailers rule. Well, ingeniously made ones rule. Several trailers have caught my eye lately, which has inspired me to seek out and look back on those that have made the trailer its' own art form.

Whats happening? What is this about? What is that music playing in the background that I instantly love? All of these questions arise after seeing the best of the best in the world of movie trailers. Most importantly you walk away completely absorbed and declare: I want to see that!

Here is a little segment that I like to call, Ode To The Movie Trailer. This is for all of you special people who get to the movie theater 15 minutes early just to make sure that without a doubt no preview will be missed.

To kick it off, Little Children:

Barely talking and completely set to the pulsating rhythm of a train makes you feel like falling out of your seat. This was one of the first times where I realized that trailers don't just show a movies entire plot while some zingy pop hit is playing; they can actually be their own little movie. Movie trailers at their peak is seen right here.

If Youtube, like Itunes, kept a record of how many times you watched a video, this one would be my most played. It's rather embarrassing how many times I have watched this. I just can't get enough.

More Preview Hits to come!

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