Saturday, July 10, 2010

But Will There Be A Crazy Talking Seagull?

Whenever something is successful, as much money as possible has to be milked from it. First, a classic story to the Disney epic (the epitome of my generations childhood) and now from a lucrative Broadway musical to a live action movie. Yes, The Little Mermaid has officially been remade in every medium possible.

At first this sounds like a horrible idea. Did you hear that the actors in the musical actually wore "Heelys", you know, instead of actually swimming across the stage. That is just plain lazy.

But my fears were quickly extinguished as I discovered that Joe Wright (director of, maybe not the best movies, but beautiful looking movies, Atonement and Pride and Prejudice) would be heading the film. Also, it will be based on the original Hans Christian Andersen story.

Now I can jump on board, because it wont tarnish my image of Ariel or, heaven forbid, try to make a CGI Flounder and Sebastian speak.

It has yet to begin work of any kind and no other information has been revealed, but I can actually say that this will turn out to be a very classy production.

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