Monday, June 7, 2010

Was The Movie Awards A Repeat?

Don't ask why, but I actually tuned in to see if the MTV movie awards have any cultural relevance anymore. Not to spoil it, but it doesn't.

I only watched the first hour as of right now, because this flower has to wake up a the butt crack of dawn for work. From what I could tell, during the time I watched, it was mostly awful.

First of all, the show started with a tepid memory from the past. Tom Cruise came out as his cursing, bald cap Hollywood agent character from Tropic Thunder. That movie came out two years ago! Cruise's bit in that movie was dumb then, and it was just awkward last night. Sorry for any fans that Cruise has left, but it's all a little too "like me, please like me!" on Tom's part. Stop trying so hard and maybe I will jump on board again! I said MAYBE.

(The quality is not great on this, so I apologize)

Some girl then joined Cruise on stage later to dance. It was Jennifer Lopez and it took me several minutes to recognize her. It might have been because... wait, why was she there?  MTV even had the audacity to interrupt one shining star of the show, Ed Helms (who was basically dressed as a cloud), playing the piano so this wreck could occur. How dare they!

Twilight won every award in some way. Even Anna Kendrick, who won Best Breakout Star for Up In The Air, is in Twilight! They tried to fool us by giving another movie an award, but I caught that MTV.

The saving grace, and after which I turned off the show, was Sandra Bullock being classy. She was awarded the Generation Award from Mrs. Betty White and Bradley Cooper. Bullock took the time to acknowledge all the crap in the tabloids, and told everyone to worry about the bigger problems in the world. It was a solid sincere speech. Now lets just hope everyone can move on; Team Bullock!

Aziz Ansari, or "who?" to most people, was a pretty entertaining host. His character on Parks and Recreation is quite a good touch to that show and for the first time hosting a somewhat big awards show he did a decent enough job.  He just kind of went for it, and I appreciate that.

All and all, if you didn't realize this was on last night, it's okay.

UPDATE: So THIS is why they were shoving old Cruisey down our throats.

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