Friday, June 11, 2010

What's Hot This Week

Television: Glee Finale

Even though it would have been nice for it to be on all summer, Glee, just like every show, had to have a season finale. Overall, the entire episode was a step up from the previous weeks Funk themed episode (which may have been the worst ep of the season) and wrapped most things from the season up nicely.

The musical performances didn't disappoint, with the New Direction's Journey medley being a crowd pleasure in the show itself and all of our living rooms. Their rendition of Faithfully   might be one of my favorites of the entire season.

One thing though that seemed rushed was the tying up of Quinn's pregnancy and subsequent birth. This was a big story throughout the season and it all ended too quickly. It was obvious that she would put the baby up for adoption, but the audience never got to see any pure feeling from Quinn and then everyone was back to singing Somewhere Over The Rainbow in the choir room (No complaints about the song, I loved this). None the less, the storyline is by far not over, it should (likely) be important next season.

I'm not the only one who has a little problem with the show.

It's hard for me to believe that Glee has only been on for one year. The second season of TV shows are always better than the first, so even for an already awesome show it can even go up from here. Bring it on season 2!

Music: Hanson, Shout It Out

After an almost near riot occurred at the local mall in Bellingham, Washington several friends were able to recover the only copies of the latest Hanson CD at an unexpected location (shout out to FYE for choosing to put a little faith in a deserving group of performers) when every other store had let them down (I'm looking at you Target and Best Buy).

What came out of quite the mission of dedication is a custom made soundtrack to summer.Some jazzy horns, numerous piano and guitar solos by the boys, and an overall nod to old school rock and soul makes the album the perfect music to have playing at every party in the sunshine.

Favorite Song (So Far): Waiting For This

Buy it, or check out the music video for the first single Thinkin 'Bout Somethin'  in my previous coverage of the album about a month ago.

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