Monday, July 26, 2010

Logically Why You Should Already Love Friday Night Lights

Anyone who has been around me knows that when I begin to love something, it's full force. Lately, I have also jumped onto the critical bandwagon for the show Friday Night Lights.

One of my favorite periodicals, Entertainment Weekly, has been trying to drill this show into my brain for years now. I apologize to you, the always wise EW, I didn't want to listen, but neither did a lot of other people in this country.

Once again the beauty of Netflix Instant Streaming brought me together with the lives of the people in Dillon, Texas several weeks ago. I'm on to Season 2 and officially hooked.

New episodes (the show is in it's 4th season) are airing currently in, what I think, an ill fated time slot on Friday night. I am at this moment furiously dodging articles revealing plot surprises.

Here is a comprehensive list (because I could go on all night about it) as to why you should start watching this little show that keeps on truckin':

1. It has football in it! What's more American than that? Basically it's your patriotic duty to welcome this show into your life. Go vote...and then become a Friday Night Lights fan. In that exact order.

2. Question is; do I like football? Not really, but you don't have to. There is a perfect blend of sports and life where the majority of the show actually focuses on the families and lives of the people in the town. Which is where...

3. The brilliant writing and stories come in! This is an actual case where a drama focused on life in high school is not cheesy (...cough...One Tree Hill, or anything on The CW). Revealing anything more about the high drama the show brings would just ruin it. Although,  I can say that the show has been nominated in the best writing category at the Emmy's...

4. The two leads who play the coach of the Dillon Panthers and his wife (Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton) were both finally  nominated for Emmy's in the acting categories this year ( I have read this is long over due, since I just started watching the show)! Their talent and chemistry is one of the best on television.  And...

5. Out of all the nominated shows that you don't currently watch, what would you rather be watching: The Good Wife and Damages or Friday Night Lights? You make your choice.

6. Two words: Tim Riggins. Also, the guy who plays him, Taylor Kitch:

Because he's funny, among other things...
He's also becoming a movie star along with another one of my favorite television men.

7. This show has one of the best soundtracks in television today (or ever?), with every episode featuring music from the likes of Ryan Adams, Avett Brothers, The Black Keys, and I could go on and on.

8. Hollywood releases sports movies with a heart of gold all the time, and you go see them! Americans made The Blind Side a hit last year, because it is a well told story. Well, the same goes for this show. So, don't go saying you stay away from things that might involve a little bit of football.

If this crazed filled rant did not start pulling your heartstrings about how most of America is missing something great, than I simply rest my case.

But seriously, you should be watching this.

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