Monday, July 26, 2010

TV Watching

Season four of Mad Men started last night!  I only jumped on this critical bandwagon once all the seasons were available to watch through Comcasts' On Demand service earlier this year. It could also be said that I began to watch this show with lack of much else to occupy my time (unemployment will do that to the best of us) and when anything is discussed at great lengths in all my favorite reading material (otherwise known as magazines)  it is my duty to answer the question; can this show really be that  great?

As discussed in a previous post, my interest grew as the seasons went on, and now I honestly love Mad Men. This opinion is coming from, what I am guessing, a minority of 20 year-olds that watch. People of my generation, if you are not watching, consider it.

The cultural icon that it is, everyone has been paying homage to the show in the build up to last nights new episode. Paste Magazine is overloaded with truly geeked coverage. I most prefer the article, "Don Draper: The Mixtape".

Hands down the best nod is from Sesame Street where they prove you ain't cool unless you spoof Mad Men.

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