Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Music and TV, What Is Better?

Several months ago I lost faith in the store Target, because of a severe lack in CD variety. After today, Target, you've got me back and it is once again considered my own personal heaven.

Today being Tuesday and all means new CD releases. Target over exceeded my expectations and is currently offering the latest by Arcade Fire for only $7.99! Hurry this sale won't last long, and The Suburbs is a must purchase. The album is currently playing while I type and judging by the fact that I am doing a little groovin in my seat already confirms this album is a winner. For a full review, CLICK HERE.

Speaking of the suburbs, Weeds started this week! After the powerhouse last minute in the season finale, it's hard to say where this show will be going in its' 6th season.

I watched the premier last night, and a half hour just wasn't enough. There are too many questions still unanswered. Although, it definitely makes you want to keep watching.

To help a little with some clues as to where this season is heading, Showtime has released a full preview:

Weeds has gone so many different places since the original plot line in the first three seasons. This twist I think will allow the show to go even farther and get back to the roots to when the show began. Here's hoping!

(Editors Note: By the by, I totally jumped the gun on this whole Weeds season! It doesn't actually start until this upcoming Monday (August 16th). I've just seen it because it was online somewhere...)

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