Saturday, September 11, 2010

Jimmy From Degrassi Live From The VMA's.

Ever since "Drake" has become a big time singer I just can't resist only referring to him as the alter ego he seems to be ignoring in his new found fame.

For all fans of the greatest export of Canada (besides Celine), Degrassi: The Next Generation, know "Drake" as Jimmy, the kid (Spoiler alert!) who gets shot and ends up in a wheel chair for the rest of the show.

This might be the most intense video that has ever been put on Youtube.

Drake, along with many other people that I had to Google search to remind me who they are, will be performing this Sunday at the VMA's.

I realize that MTV has been spiraling downhill for years, but is this the worst list of performers ever? The answer is yes, because any show that decides to inflict the pain of that "Billionaire" song (which was wrongfully created by the demon known as "Travie McCoy") performed live on the world is horrible.

The performances are normally the best part of music awards show! The Biebs? Kanye? Paramour? B.O.B? Robyn will put on a show, but one out of how many performances? Seriously they better have some surprise guests or this is going to be bad.

Who even is Florence + The Machine? She is also performing and nominated for awards, and I have never even heard of her! As I have eluded this is the kind of crap I know and I must began googling her now.

Editors Note From The Future: Okay, after brisk internet searching and listening, I really love Florence + The Machine.

1. I am really behind, because the Eat, Pray, Love Trailer totally trumped me on this fact.

2. Every time that trailer played my mental thoughts consisted of "I really don't want to see this movie, even though all those male actors are v. attractive, this song is rad, I should prob look up who is singing".

3. Problem solved, and a new singer is now in my repertoire.

The song from that trailer just happens to have morphed into a Kabuki Theater meets the 1960s music video and is nominated for many awards at the VMA's tonight ("Cosmic Love" is my favorite song though).

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