Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Trailer Wars: Black Swan Edition

Between the holidays and bursting into the oncoming award show bonanza, this is definitely prime movie watching season. Keep on the look out for incredible new releases every weekend.

Over the last couple months, with some special thanks to my local independent theater, I have already been able to catch numerous movies that have been on my list. The Kids Are All Right, Never Let Me Go and Winter's Bone are all recommended, and seem to all be heading towards award heaven this year.

Next on the list; Black Swan.

Creepy and mysterious! I need to stop watching this trailer, but it's kind of addicting.

Darren Aronofsky really knows how to mess with your mind, so it can only be decided that this is going to be marvelous. Also, any kind of Winona Ryder resurrection is always a good thing.

The film had its premiere in September at the Toronto International Film festival, but if you are lucky, Black Swan will be out for your viewing pleasure this Friday (my city...not so much).

If these are the real movie posters, I know what will be on my list for Santa.

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