Saturday, February 19, 2011

FNL May Be Over...

Good friends living large in Texas.

True, and a motto to live your life by, no matter where that may be. Now, I may not be from Texas, but nothing has ever made me wish I knew some real live Texans so I could visit more than Friday Night Lights. Yeah, this show is incredible. You either love it, or have never heard of it; I suggest you get to know it.

However, it is obvious that more people have never laid their eyes on this show, which is why Direct TV had to intervene and shell out some dough to NBC in order to save it. The move also makes the show exclusive to Direct TV subscribers before anyone else.

Due to this fact, even fans of the show, may not have heard; FNL has officially aired its final episode. Direct TV people know the fate of the folks of Dillon, Texas! Avoiding spoilers in reviews for the final episode, has been the toughest thing all week. Do I want to know? Yes, but also no. The rest of us will have to wait until April when it airs on NBC.

Face it, it's over! Nothing makes that fact more clear than seeing the talented cast dispersed, like the hot ticket they are, to every other TV show and movie on the market. No more Panthers and Lions, Tastee Freeze, Riggins Riggs, affairs with student teachers, or Tim Riggins (I know, that one is the hardest to let go), but the actors are finding many ways to stay relevant in our hearts.

From doctors to superheros, even if you know nothing about Friday Night Lights, these people are probably starting to look a little familiar:

Tyra (Adrianne Palicki)

Tyra has been MIA on FNL for several seasons (but she better make a cameo in the last season), which has given her plenty of time to further her career.

After a failed television show (the first axed show of the new television season, Lone Star) she has an upcoming role on the big screen in the remake of Red Dawn (without Swayze, why are they even trying?). Just announced yesterday, Palicki will also work towards star status as the next Wonder Woman.

Matt Saracen (Zach Gilford)

Doctor shows, used to be on my television radar, but I no longer have any interest. When I saw Gilford's face in the preview for Off The Map, that show about doctors working in some wild jungle, I decided to see what this was all about. Let's just say, this didn't revive my interest in doctor shows.

Whatever, Gilford is cute, charming, funny and everyone adores him, he will be around for awhile.

Lyla Garrity (Minka Kelly)

From dating Derek Jeter to her stint in the masterpiece, The Roomate, Minka Kelly has been the most visible actor post FNL. Since I will not, ever, shell out money for any wannabee Single White Female movies, I have had to only notice Kelly in her little, yet impressive, role as an Asperger's specialist on Parenthood.

Also, it was just announced that Kelly will join a new cast of Charlies Angels. So many remakes! Why? Are we completely out of ideas?

Vince (Michael Jordan)

No, not THAT Michael Jordan, I wish. Still, what an awesome thing to name your kid. If your last name was Jordan, consider it your responsibility to name him/her Michael (and/or Tracy).

NBC really keeps it in the family as Mr. Jordan also is a cast member on Parenthood. On FNL, his inclusion into the later seasons gave the story its needed shot of drama a lot of the time, and I continue to enjoy him playing, utterly, nice guys characters, who lead tragic lives.

T.I.M. Riggins (Taylor Kitsch)

After opening "Riggins Riggs" and then ending up in jail, the fate of Tim Riggins is up in the air. On the other hand, we all know where Taylor Kitsch's career is destined to go; only bigger and better.

Most notably, he has a role in the big budget movie based on a board game, Battleship. Yeah, this sounds kind of, actually, really dumb, but all that matters is the trifecta of Kitsch, Skarsgard, and Nesson. I'm all in.

Plus, I just noticed another FNL alumni, Landry aka "Lance" (who I LOVE) is in the movie. Also, I just realized it is directed by FNL creator, Peter Berg; seriously, this can't lose.

Coach Eric Taylor (Kyle Chandler)

If you watched the Super Bowl, one of the many exciting movie trailers showcased, was the new Spielberg produced flick, Super 8.

Loaded with secrecy, all that is really shown is a lot of explosions. Spielberg is involved, so it will be about aliens. Although, all that really matters is it looks scary, intense, and Chandler is the star. 

With all the remakes happening, I have a few ideas for Chandler to star in next. Can you just imagine Christopher Nolan's next masterpiece, Early Edition: The Movie? Seriously, he would make that EPIC.

Notable mentions;  

Tammy Taylor (Connie Britton): Where you at? There are many rumors circling her next move, and I will follow where ever she goes.

Jason Street (Scott Porter): After continually seeing him at award shows this year, and wondering why he was there, (since FNL only gets love sometimes) I looked him up. Allegedly he's on The Good Wife. Oh...that show...

Jess (Jurnee Smollett): Don't lie, everyone from my generation has known this girl forever. As a child actress she can never live down being Michelle Tanner's friend, among other things. She's grown up now, and after FNL, she joined that cast of that show with Jerry O'Connel and a Belushi.

Luke Cafferty (Matt Lauria): Look for him on The Chicago Code. According to my bro, this is a quality new cop show.

How will the show end? Having caught about six episodes (via the internet...shhh don't tell) from the final season already, there are some ideas brewing. I decided to hold off until it was legit and catch it with the rest of America. Plus, it will just prolong the end. It's like holding off on finishing the last page of an incredible book.

Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can't Lose.

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