Thursday, February 3, 2011

For The Love Of Ina

It had to be done, I couldn't resist any longer; all week I have been bombarded by one incredible moment after another from Ina Garten.

First of all, last weekend, her televised cooking show/dream maker slapped together one of the greatest feats put on this earth. Several women bid at a charity event to have a lunch at Ina's house, and oh, to be one of those women!

It's not enough that they got to fawn over and eat some delicious food in her enviable backyard, but their produce shop boy for the day was Alec Baldwin, who hand picked all the vegetables from a heavenly field somewhere in the Hamptons (where apparently Santa Claus works in his off season). It goes without saying, but I would really like it if Alec Baldwin did all my grocery shopping.

After scouring the net for video proof that this episode was not just a mirage, I happily stumbled upon a post via Gawker, which also detailed the event.

(When it comes to clips from this show, I will take what I can get)

If that wasn't great enough, an oldie, but goodie episode that just aired, basically pushed me over the edge. For any fans, they know it's basically all about Ina and her husband Jeffrey. They are literally too perfect for words, even when they are being really cutesy (which is all the time), but in the end they can really do no wrong.

It was their 40th wedding anniversary and Ina was throwing together her best meal, including Italian Wedding Soup, which looks super yummy, and one fan recreated here. Although, this was definitely not the best part.

Jeffrey was reliving their past, which apparently included camping all over France. It had obviously been 40 years since that activity, because watching him struggle to pitch a tent in their backyard like the days of yore, was priceless. Sadly, no video of said event. If there was I would be sitting and watching that piece on repeat.

Out of all the immense love for cooking shows, Ina stands out because her food looks good enough to rip out of the screen and her way of cooking is also really accessible. Even if she uses fancy ingredients sometimes, I think anyone can feel confident about recreating one of her dishes.

(Side Note: I lived TOO much of my life without THIS)

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