Friday, February 11, 2011

Trailer Wars: Pitt's Back

When was the last time YOU were excited about a Brad Pitt movie?

Media overload has killed him to the point where sometimes I just get sick of seeing his face. So much that I didn't even care about his inclusion in the cast of Inglorious Basterds (nor did I even remember to mention it here at first).

It was really only a couple years ago, with release of The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, that he was back in a professional spotlight, and not just plastered on every tabloid. Although, the excitement for that film was not strictly the Pitt factor; it was a soaring epic movie that had everyone running to the theater.

Begrudgingly, I ended up, slightly loathing that one and the shock still has never faded about his inclusion as Best Actor that year. He was all CGI! (Where was the love for Leo in Revolutionary Road?)

Although, it looks like Pitt is back and better than ever.

Repeatedly, for the last couple weeks, my computer has been overloaded by the trailer for The Tree Of Life. It  feel like 1999 all over again and I had just watched Fight Club for the zillionith time.

Much like Benjamin Button, there is more appeal to The Tree Of Life than Pitt, but it's still the first time in a long while that I was honestly interested to see his face pop up a bit into the trailer. I was very much reminded of the kind of rich storytelling type movies he used to make, specifically, Legends Of The Fall and A River Runs Through It.

Beast film maker Terrance Malick, who always captures everyday life and everyday objects with utter beauty, has taken that talent, and extended it to develop a true mysterious and outer worldly vision.

Becoming a fan of Malick's, only after seeing The New World, I endlessly dream of watching his entire filmography (especially Badlands). Only directing seven films over, nearly, the last forty years is astounding, but it is obvious that he takes his time to write the stories as well as direct them into masterpieces.

Having no idea what this movie is about before the trailer, and after seeing it many times, I want the plot to remain a mystery. Anyone else actually pumped for Pitt to be back to work making quality looking movies?

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