Saturday, February 12, 2011

Oscar Party; Style Icons

Counting down to about two weeks before the Oscars means a lot of things, but most importantly it means that everybody better start to throw together their own Oscar day party! Rumor has it, that tons of you out there have a shin-dig with costumes, which sounds incredible. To me, costume parties are a must for anytime during the year, so, for movie fans, why not make Oscar day another excuse to dress up?

In the Oscar party of my dreams everyone would, obviously, be required  to dress up in their favorite movie themed costume; the more creative the better.

Every year for Halloween I badly want to dress to the nines as some obscure movie reference or character, mostly motivated by the endless amounts of classy style icons from the 1960s and 70's. Typically, the grandiose ideas never pan out, and I end up throwing something together last minute. For right now though, I got a million of 'em stored in the old noggin, which adds up to lots of ideas to motivate anyone to celebrate movies through costume.

[Some of these are not necessarily Oscar winners, or are even have anything to do with the Oscars, but are just some classic characters that would make amazing film costumes.]

Bonnie Parker

Replicating Faye Dunaway as bank robbing Bonnie Parker has been on my costuming list for ages. One, you get to tote a gun in hand, and two, you get to be all Bad Ass. Done. Berets have never looked better. A plus would be to also have a handsome fella, like young Mr. Beatty, to be the Clyde to your Bonnie.

Baby Jane Hudson

Whatever Happened To Baby Jane is the best example of a movie where psycho is done, oh so right. If terrifying the guests is a priority, there would be nothing better than dressing up as a crazed woman trying to relive her glory years as a child star. If my dad had his choice I would have gone dressed as Baby Jane my whole childhood. Yes, that's the kind of growing up I had.

Annie Hall

When talking about movie costumes for the ladies, Annie Hall will not be forgotten. When it comes to style, without a doubt, Hall is the most famously duplicated and envied  female character. Keaton is kooky, and no character embodies her better. I want to be cool enough to dress like this all the time.

The Dude

I don't have many suggestions for guys, because well I'm not one, and don't think about it often. Although, Jeff Bridges f-ing rocks, and everybody knows it. If I was a guy, or had enough balls as a female, I would dress as The Dude for sure.


You can break out your prom dress or get to blaze into a vintage shop with an excuse to pillage for a fun prom dress! Well, there is that whole blood thing, which is necessary to make the costume authentic. Might be a little messy, but just leave plenty of time to air dry.

Thelma/and or Louise

An easy, yet only for true Ragers, costume that would set any party on fire, especially when you and your pals start blowing up semi trucks. There's no accounting for preference here, even though the obvious choice would be to throw a bandanna around your neck, and choose dressing as Louise over Thelma (Louise is that classy broad Sarandon, right?). Costume also comes with a gun included.


Any guy who came dressed as Harold, from Harold and Maude, to a costume party, which could really just be a suit (with possibly a noose around your neck? Just an idea.) would win a place in my heart. Now must figure out how to encapsulate Maude in costume form.


Dr. Zhivago is all about trying to stay alive during the chilling winters in Russia, so the fashion is all fur, fur, and more fur. Maybe a little hot for sitting down and watching a four hour telecast, but remove the coat and a little "shapka" (I think that's what those fur hats are called) goes a long way.

Mia Wallace

Pulp Fiction, while awesome, is not as loved by me as millions of other film freaks. Aside from other things I like about it, the movie stands out to me because of Uma Thurman and that blunt, black bob hair cut. Costuming her look would be probably the easiest (black pants? Check. White button up? Check. Cigarette? Check. ), but still a classic number to throw together.

Mrs. Robinson

The Everest of film character costumes; one day I will be dressed as Mrs. Robinson. The Graduate never ceases to amaze me with its lasting quality, and there is just something about that classy, fur coat wearing, cheating wife; who doesn't want to emulate that? There is no one better than Anne Bancroft.

In conclusion, I wanted to point out some topical ideas for costumes inspired by the current nominated films. Sometimes the more creative is the best. This comes from a girl who had a 21st birthday inspired by the movie Titanic. Lets just say there were SUPERB ideas rocked that night (including; the portrait of naked Rose in the safe).

For 2010:

The bear guy (True Grit)

The rock/severed arm (127 Hours)

Facebook (The Social Network)

Any radiant Boston lady (The Fighter)

Mr. Pricklepants (Toy Story 3)

The elusive Banksy (Exit Through The Gift Shop)

A violent and crazed sister (Dogtooth)

Randy Newman and/or Hans Zimmer (I'd got with Zimmer)

That's all! Let's start costuming.

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