Thursday, April 14, 2011

...and then I opened the door to January.

[Pic From Jan: Just for Dramatic Effect]

Barreling blindly down the freeway at 6:30 am is not the greatest way to welcome the day. Other cars closely next to me are skidding and sloshing around, understandably so, as nothing can be seen ahead except for the denseness of never-ending white.

Driving a car with windows fogged over and covered in snow was something that should be over for the season, never the less, it is April, and up here in good ole Bellingham,WA we woke up to an unseasonal blizzard (not the ice cream kind, I wish).

Although, the news of said event will be more than likely questioned by anyone who gets to wake up with the light. As the early morning trudged along, the snow stopped, and it all quickly melted, but folks it was not a hoax or hallucination; it happened.

For once in my life I was actually going to be on time to work. Life likes to be tricky, throws me a curve ball like the need to scrape off the windshield, and I am effectively late instead of prompt. It's obvious that I am never destined to be the early bird.

Washingtonians are used to the unpredictable and absurd weather patterns of the region, but come on, it was  blissfully sunny  last week and I started to bust out my happy, summer time music. Now it was just a tease, and the gloom hurts even more once tempted with weather that puts us all in a better mood.

Looking towards the eventual Spring that all of us here in the Pacific Northwest deserve, I present a song to help us forget that the temp is still an icy 40 degrees (with wind chill) on April 14th.

Also, it's Tax Day! Even more reason to break out cheery songs.

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