Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Flowers In The Window

When the price of six of something is cheaper than buying one, I always say, buy the greater amount. No matter what the situation, if there is a good deal to be had, I will be the first person in line; even when it comes to zucchini.

Earlier in the week, with dinner duty on hand, there was a need for just one measly zucchini for a stir-fry. With a great deal, I found myself with five zucchini's left over. Dear me, what is a girl to do? Make bundles of zucchini bread!

Sourdough, zucchini, or even banana; fresh baked bread might be the tastiest earthly pleasure (not counting desserts, of course!).

Once again Paula Deen beholds my recipe of choice, but I have some little tweaks. Any Deen fan will faint in shock by the fact that there is no butter, yes, really, NO butter in this recipe.

It's a common substitution, but I'll still say, that I love using part apple sauce instead of all oil or butter. For this bread, I just used 1/2 C apple sauce, and 1/2 Oil.

I keep forgetting that we are out of cinnamon, so instead of going to the store, I decided to remain lazy and be crafty instead. Use of ones' brain is always a good thing and if I have learned anything from my family, it is how to wing something together.

After eying several boxes of spiced apple cinnamon cider in the cupboard a light bulb went off; I'll just sprinkle some of this in! The result gives the bread a deliciously spicy flavor, and the experiment payed off.

[Tomato/Carrot Plants Are Beginning To Shoot Up]
Baking anything fulfills my naturally crafty nature and need to be productive. There is a degree of achievement of making something out of nothing; merely throwing bits of this and that into a bowl and out comes something delicious to share.

The same feeling comes from another activity that is keeping me busy this month; seed planting.

Since I was a little lass, every spring and summer has belonged to gardening with my dad. It is, by far, my favorite part about finding myself at home again.

Simply walking out into your backyard to collect herbs, sunflowers, and fresh vegetables is something you miss, and realize you have taken for granted, when living as part of the concrete jungle in urban Seattle.

Don't get me wrong, I yearn for the big city life too, but these simple pleasures of cooking and gardening have been good for my sanity this last year; makes a great environment for digging through thoughts on where life should take me next.

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  1. YUM. That looks soooo good! I want to make bread now!


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