Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ode To The Local Cinema

Don't let the buzzing of saws fool you; the new Pickford Theater is finally open for business.

Detail work for the exterior is still being completed, but sidestep a tiny pile of saw dust and venture in to the premier independent film watching experience that Western Washington has to offer.

After years of dedicated work, The Pickford Film Center (its namesake being, silent film actress Mary Pickford) has taken its meager, but quaint, one theater beginnings and moved onto bigger, and far more glamorous digs.

The historic downtown building on Cornwall Avenue, that in recent memory was a concert venue, has been remodeled to account for all modern movie going amenities, including; two theaters with 205 stadium style seats (triple the amount the old theater could hold), digital projection, and a cafe style concession stand.

Just this week me and my pal Emily (Shout out to craftiness on her blog, Seymour) excitedly ventured to check out the new place and it does not disappoint; it is definitely the fanciest  movie theater I have been to in a long while. Even the lobby is elaborately styled to perfection; the exposed brick lining the walls gives the theater a modern flair, where at the same time tin ceiling tiles evokes a classic mood. 

Much has changed since the organization began in 1998, and at first I was hesitant about the updated venue.

Sitting in a theater no bigger than the size of a small bedroom, filled with squeeky un-matched seats (the two front rows looked like seats ejected from an airplane), at times could be uncomfortable, but it was all about the charm the place had to offer and the experience of seeing the film that only some independent theaters were taking a chance on. The people that were there had come early to ensure a seat, and it was a community of people who loved movies.

I'm just being nostalgic, because the new place is extremely fabulous, the community will still be there (likely in even bigger numbers) and well worth the wait.

Without this type of theater in my city, I would still be dying to see Jane Eyre (our movie of choice earlier in the week), and tomorrow they will begin showing another must see; Win Win.

Basically, I'm just jazzed to go here all the time.

Editors Note: Apparently my blog is an ode to my home town today. It's only half way through the month, and I didn't post yesterday. This one makes up for it!

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