Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Blockbusters Loss / All Of Our Gain

[Cheap Movie Memorabilia, yeah!]
It's becoming the end of an era; video stores are closing their doors right and left these days.

Being a believer in the faith of Netflix, I think I can declare that I have not stepped in a video store since my freshman year of college. There are many a tale of pilgrimaging down Broadway in Seattle to that sketch-ass Blockbuster that never had anything in! Quickly, I signed up for Netflix and never looked back.

Even though I literally bow down to Netflix on a daily basis, there is something to say about the experience of perusing the shelves of an actual store seeking out movies, instead of searching with our quickly typing fingers. Maybe I'm just old fashioned.

Currently the only thing that gets me into the physical realm of the diminishing world of video stores, is when they are closing down. Ironic, a little?

The greatest sign anyone could ever see; "$2.99! Everything Must Go!" Well, besides a sign that says, "Free Money. Hurry, I Need It Taken Off My Hands Fast!"

Yesterday, a sign much like the one described was seen outside of a closing Blockbuster, and I couldn't resist. At first it was discouraging to walk into a building that looked like a bomb hit it, but without fail, like a true champ, I walked out of that place with six class act films:

The Best Find

An All Time Favorite Movie, You Thought You Would Never Own: 

You Can Count On Me

Other Perfect Additions To A Movie Collection

Visually Stunning Costume Dramas:
Bright Star

Far From Heaven

Something Surprisingly Fantastic


Oscar Winning Ladies, Gone Cuckoo (a favorite category of mine)


Notes On A Scandal 


Being stringent on my purchases over the last year has kept me from going hog wild buying movies, which I would like to do all the time! This was a good day to splurge, and I got all of these for under 15 bucks! Not too shabby.

When they said everything must go, they meant it. Posters were coming off the wall, and the store had boxes and boxes of these neat hard backed mini posters.

Really not sure what the original purpose for these were, but that didn't stop me from carting away with 10/$1 in hopes of using some of them in frames or for an art project. The picture above, shows a couple of them off!

Can I also say the nerdiest thing that happened? You are looking at a person who, at this moment, has both a subscription to Netflix...AND Blockbuster's online movie service thingy. How does that happen, you ask? Well, I got tricked, as usual, into a free month of their service.

On the good side, Tangled (currently a long wait on Netflix) is coming my way today thanks to Blockbuster, and by signing up, one movie I purchased yesterday was completely free! Although, MUST remember to cancel Blockbuster by May, or things will get very ridiculous.

Still Behind on BEDA, however I will be caught up by the end of today. For those keeping track: This post= April 5th!

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