Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hey, You Old So-and-So: DJ Edition

(A new column, where we honor the random roles in film and television that people had before they hit it big.)

Often a great moment can be ruined by over analyzing recognizable actors in small roles in movies or on TV; Who is that person? What are they from? Why do I always need to figure this out?

Then all of a sudden, in a flash of brilliance, it comes to you.

Finally putting the pieces together, trying to abstain from internet searches, always feels like a slight achievement (maybe just for trivia nerds like me?) and the more obscure the connection the better.

To my delight yesterday, a beyond random appearance graced my television screen; this one with a connection to Ellen DeGeneres.

Normally this guy can be found spinning tunes so Mrs. Degeneres and her audience can get their groove on. That's right, Tony, everyone's favorite day time side kick, has a past.

In Season 7 of The X-Files (Sorry, this show is still new and exciting for me!), an episode called The Sixth Extinction, a maniac definitely cuts his head off with a machete. Tough break, Tony! Although, if you are going to have a small role on TV it's fantastic to have a memorable one.

After really intense sleuthing, that took HOURS, I actually found video proof of Tony from said episode (Tune to the 2:50 mark).

At first, when he pulled up in that jeep and was jabbering to Scully, I just thought, "Woah, I don't speak your language, but your face looks like Tony the DJ!" Well, we are in luck, because it really is him! There are so many recognizable actors on The X-Files that my brain often hurts after each episode.

Fans of Ellen's show will remember that several years ago Tony left his DJ booth to pursue other projects, I think some acting, but I had no idea he was an actor before that. To the delight of everyone he is now back on her show where he belongs.

(Still a day behind: Blog for April 4th!)

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