Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Boss

Laughing out loud around strangers sometimes garners odd looks. Since laughing at everything makes life highly enjoyable, I am used to these side-eyed glances from strangers, and last night at Target was no exception.

Perusing the book shelves I jovially ran towards a new book with hairy man arms on the cover, oh, and also Tina Fey's head.

Critics, and plain mean people, take to the internet and other media daily to call Fey, "overrated" and "not funny". While each has a right to their own opinion, I still must say to those people, in the words of Liz Lemon, "suck it, nerds!"

To me, burgeoning writer Justine, and many other adoring fans, Fey is a genius.

Fey stands out in our world today as a comedian and intelligent lady, not just because of the words she picks to say and write down, but also by the topics she focuses on. She chooses to find comedy in everyday life we can all relate to, topical pop culture, and at the same time, makes statements about world events that she finds important. She says what she feels and we love her for it.

This high level of brilliance and subsequent influence on society is evident from her many years on SNL and the script she wrote for Mean Girls, that my generation has adapted into their everyday vocabulary (Boo, you whore!). Currently, the never-ending high brow hi-jinx on 30 Rock, is so clever that each episode needs to be watched multiple times in order to completely capture each rapid fire joke.

If the cover photo is any clue, it can only be assumed that this tradition of hilarity will continue in her new book, Bossypants.

As I can't, as of yet, splurge on a copy of Fey's book, it can only be admired from afar in the aisles of Target. However, for a good laugh, shoppers need to look no further than the critical praise on the back.

Where other books might try to garner attention by using quotes from famous authors, Bossypants chooses to get reviews from much more reliable sources; Tracy Morgan, Fey's father, and a man turning into a werewolf all approve of Fey's writing efforts. Thank goodness!  Also, I'm relieved that Trees find that their contribution to the paper for the book was "worth it". That's all I needed to know!

Those also waiting to buy their copy can be entertained by an interview Fey recently gave to NPR. She does her best Danielle Steele impersonation while reading several excerpts; I too can't wait for the day when my daughter calls me a bitch outside of a Hollister.

All evidence points to everyone running out to pick up this book immediately. I'll hopefully get to it by next week, I don't want someone to ruin the ending!

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