Friday, April 15, 2011

"April Come She Will"

[Star of Parks and Rec in Best. Picture. Ever.] SOURCE
If last night proved anything it is that, Parks and Recreation just keeps getting better and better.

At first I was a hesitant fan, and now it is lightly, (only a bit!), encroaching on my endless devotion to 30 Rock. When it comes to hilarious and brilliant comedy television, there is always room to share.

Everything about the episode last night was completely "awesomesauce".

First of all, April (Aubrey Plaza) and Andy (Chris Pratt) are planning a fancy party, so they hand out ridiculous invitations with suggestions for what guests should bring. Who needs to bring a side dish when you can be responsible for picking up Avatar in 3D, 50 3D glasses, as well as a 3D capable television?

Notable other inclusions; Leslie's (Amy Poehler) reference to the tragic young couple in A Walk To Remember, Ron pulling a tooth, which made others pass out, a performance by Andy's band, Mouse Rat, and the ridiculously cute burgeoning relationship between Leslie and Ben (Adam Scott)!

However, nothing beats a SURPRISE wedding! Andy and April were not just throwing a party, but actually a wedding, which probably, completely shocked most viewers, including myself.

Getting emotional about television weddings, is truly embarrassing, but something most people would admit happens (Pam and Jim's wedding at Niagara Falls? Come on!). I love Chris Pratt, since back from those Everwood days, but that wasn't why I teared up.

Actually, last night's Parks and Rec was all straight laughs, until the actual wedding procession when, the fitting, "April Come She Will", started playing, and then I lost it; that song will forever slay me.

One of the most beautiful Simon & Garfunkel songs, and I owe my love because of a film; The Graduate.

The Graduate is the first movie that made me appreciate "film" as an art. Mike Nichols, who directed the film, perfectly used music throughout the entire movie to create a flow of transitions. The above video showcases my two favorite segments, including the scenes using "April Come She Will".

Will April and Andy be a no nonsense, lasting love, or will they at some point end up in the back of a bus, like Elaine and Ben, driving towards an unknown future? Parks and Recreation is just picking up speed, so only time will tell.

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