Monday, April 18, 2011

...Change Is Gonna Come

Daydreaming has been filling the spaces of my brain, when writing should have coming out of my fingers. It's hard to shake yourself into being productive when laying outside thinking and reading just feels so much better.

To quote a favorite movie; it's all happening! Or it may just feel that way after walking out into the bright sun and clear sky after my last full day at the old place of employment to make room for another short term (yet better paid) position. I was feeling bogged down, but lately weights are lifted. Change of any kind, shakes things up, and makes us remember what it is we really want.

Here's to new adventures everyone!

When isn't it a good time for a music mix? These are the jams currently adding to my excitement about moving on and make me wish I was driving down the highway with my hand out the window, watching it waver up and down in the wind.

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