Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Having Fun Isn't Hard...When You've Got A Library Card!

Does my generation own the internet, or does it just appear that way?

[Old Friends!]
It feels like everywhere I go these days, legit new sites and various blogs are inundated by topics that are specifically geared to interests of my generation.

Those current twenty-somethings who used to have Ariel merchandise smothering their walls, thought that 90's Nickelodeon shows were all the rage (I will still argue that Pete & Pete was WAY ahead of it's time and still rocks), and we would spend summers having super-soaker water fights.

We're all different now, but man, we all used to have so much in common!

The fact that these seemingly unimportant things-tv, movies,pop culture in general- can actually unite huge groups of people is what makes it so entertaining to read about now. Oh, memories!

Over the last couple of weeks there have been exuberant articles written about the resurrection of our blessed Nickelodeon shows (all those classic episodes will begin airing on TeenNick in the fall), but one posting yesterday spiraled me into a full on time warp.

When it comes to cartoon aardvarks, no one can top Arthur. He taught us a lot of life changing lessons, including; how to spell aardvark using a rap, which still goes through my head in the off chance I need to use that word (like right now!), and he told us that no place is cooler than the library.

Arthur defines a lot of my childhood, and I had no idea that tons of people would say the same.

Over at Buzzfeed, there is a post compiled featuring all of the above in videos, with the inclusion of something that blew my mind; when were The Backstreet Boys on Arthur? Their passionate rendition of the Arthur theme song just changed my life. When you ask the BSB to do something-they don't just do it, they give it their all, intense hand movements and everything!

It's really nuts that the 90's is now the decade that is being longingly remembered. Soon, kids these days won't even know who the BSB are... or TRL-blasphemy!

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