Friday, April 8, 2011

'Cyrus' Style

Single mom, with an... interesting 20-something son, still knows how to rock some amazing clothes.

Turning on Cyrus last night, with a cast like Marisa Tomei, John C. Reilly, Catherine Keener, and Jonah Hill, the last thing I expected was to be riveted by costumes; but there it is, and my eyes couldn't be peeled off the screen.

Marisa Tomei, in the real world, tends to be a wild card when it comes to fashion-though wither it succeeds or fails,  it is obvious that she is always striving to be bold. In this way Tomei was made for the role as a caring mom looking for love with Reilly, who gets to dress head to toe in vintage threads.

In every scene Tomei's character continually honors the 1960's and 70's. One thing after the next had me salivating for a shopping spree; flowing prairie dresses, lots of lace, sheer Grecian numbers, and at one point, a outrageously awesome neon orange jumpsuit that, you know, she just lounges in around the house. Simply cool.

I should have done screen captures, however most of the ensembles can be caught in the trailer, or in several pictures I found. 

[That hair! The whole look just works]
After vigorous searching I stumbled upon several dresses that were similar to the ones she wore.

One Kimono dress from Topshop pays homage to my favorite costume from the movie (seen as Tomei jams on the keyboard at the 1:56 point in the trailer). Although,  it would be more accurate with a longer length. Also, this Grecian pink dress on Ebay, is nearly identical to a look from the movie.

As a woman and mother, Tomei's character struggles with going further in her own life, as well as letting her son go (even if he prob isn't ready). To tie into this theme, it's not just her clothes that are a throwback; from Tomei's ridiculously curly mop of hair, to the bright orange poppy wallpaper in her bedroom, her character's entire world appears to be holding on to the past. However, this is not a bad thing, but simply a physical representation of her character, and it works extremely well within the story.

Once you get past only admiring the costuming, Cyrus is a funny, enjoyable, little movie. Actually, though, I'm not going to say that I loved it, at times it moved a little too slow for my taste. Even with slower moments,
the simple story really works for a satisfying end. Also, completely worth it for a moment at a party where everyone gets down to, as Reilly's character puts it "The GREATEST song ever!"

Check out the trailer:

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