Saturday, April 9, 2011

These Are A Few Of My Dad's Favorite Things

Wearing party hats with a big group of people at a celebration is fitting; once you leave the group and wander separately, in said party hat, than you just become that zaney guy at the beach.

Well, nothing encapsulates my dad better than the latter statement.

Several weeks ago, The Mallahan clan gathered in honor of my Grandfathers 80th birthday. When some of the party attendees decided to take a jaunt on the beach, my dad was the only one to "forget" about the party hat (really, I assume, he just didn't feel like taking it off).

Snapping this candid, mid conversation, photo was too good to be true, and now perfectly fitting as it is his 54th birthday today! Posting this photo was hard to resist.

As there seems like nothing else I could possibly write about today, I am going to do my best James Lipton and compile a question and answer session honoring my dad and his favorite things, told in his own words.


What Ever Happened To Baby Jane
"The classic, camp thriller"


Joni Mitchell


"Don Juan's Reckless Daughter"- Joni Mitchell

"Us"- Regina Spektor (even though he gets confused about the lyrics...)


Crowned Heads- Thomas Tryon


Bette Davis

Henry Fonda


The Weather Channel

The X-Files
"Oh no! What happens when it ends!" Exclaims the guy who has never really gotten into TV, but has found a liking to the adventures Scully and Mulder. He is now perpetually worried about what happens after we complete the series for the first time. Don't worry, there are still three seasons to go.

Now for the big "Inside The Actor's Studio" Question: If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?
"You have more places to travel."

Happy Birthday, Dad!

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