Thursday, April 7, 2011

Saturday Night's Alright For Comedy

Greatly overdue, but, being the Elton John fanatic that I am (and to be caught up on BEDA!), how could I go on without weighing in on last Saturday's SNL?

Saturday Night Live has been a go-to event for me since middle school, but lately it has been something I only watch if there is an interesting host.

Especially over the last couple years SNL has been ridiculed to no end, and, to some degree the bashing has been justified. Case in point; Elton John was the host, but before Weekend Update he was only in two sketches! This is, to me, a fatal mistake.

In his place, we did get to have several incredible cameos by Tom Hanks. He was featured in three bits, including a genius sketch with both himself and John. The sketch involved a dragon storming London, and a gathering of the only people who can save civilization; the musicians and actors who have been knighted!

John played himself (as he was in almost every sketch), but the priceless part was Hanks perfectly embodying Michael Cain. Tom Hanks never fails and is always welcome in anything.

Towards the end of the episode, John started to appear in more sketches, but none of them too memorable. As SNL tends to do lately, the host is not utilized to their best degree. This is all too bad as the night started off with high hopes, as John nailed his hilarious monologue (succeeding where most hosts epically fail).

All in all, even though he should have been given more of a chance, it was not a terrible outing on the SNL front and it is always enjoyable to see Elton performing, not just as a musician, but also as a zaney entertainer.

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