Monday, April 25, 2011

...dans ma chambre

Right now over at Flavorwire, there is a discussion pertaining to a favorite topic of mine; bedrooms. To be more specific: the most admired bedroom designs featured throughout the history of cinema.

I find bedrooms fascinating, just because of the details it can reveal about a person. Messy, clean, posters, bare walls, photos, and even a lone torn up mattress with an MIA bed frame-anything and everything found in our individual bedroom may say more about each of us than we would ever be able to verbally express.

This fascination (obviously, it's me!) carries over from the real world into the film world, and I often find myself making a catalog of certain characters' bedrooms I would like to steal.

Flavorwire chose many admirable rooms, including; Julianne Moores' swanky, 1960's digs in A Single Man, Andie's, oh so Pretty In Pink room, and the closet from the future in Clueless that everyone still talks about (or just me?).

This list is top notch, and I really want to get may hands dirty and start some redecorating, however, there is a little someone that their list forgot to mention; Audrey Hepburn. Without fail, in every movie she graces, it follows that her character will have an incredible bedroom filled with glorious pieces of furniture.

From My Fair Lady to Funny Face and Breakfast At Tiffany's, the style in all of her movies is always impeccable. I stumbled upon this website that even has Holly Golightly's entire apartment recreated, including the claw-foot bathtub/couch and her iron cast bed-frame!

Another room that has a lot in common with Golightly's apartment, is also a favorite; Gigi's room, from the musical, Gigi. Bedrooms filled with giant windows, a window seat, or french doors that open to a balcony/fire escape, is really a dream design.

Gigi's room is not particularly glamorous, but it is v. romantic with those flowing curtains, a kitty, and that view. Forget about it!

Let's all just keep dreaming about those future design plans (that is a terrible pun, and I apologize), I know I will.

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