Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Small Screen Love: Hank Moody

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about my preferences towards certain things in life.

Of course, nothing really profound about politics or religion, but just some really crucial things, for example; why am I utterly intrigued by certain movies/tv/books, and at the same time completely repulsed by others?

In short; why the heck do I love what I love?

This seems like a simple question, but there are endless factors. However, one idea seems to connect my favorite things together; intriguing, well written characters.

Without a fantastic character, is anything really worth watching or reading? Hopefully, everyone's answer will be no, except for those who are jazzed to jet out to see Fast Five this weekend. Hey, I'm not judging!

Only one notorious playboy, booze-hound, with a heart of gold, can be the spokesman for the prolific characters currently making television the best source of quality productions-Mr. Hank Moody, please, take a bow.

Sure Californication finds Hank Moody (perfectly embodied by the forever dashing David Duchovny) in about every risque situation anyone could think of, but it's on Showtime, so what do you expect?

The audience has a front row seat to Moody's every indiscretion-hookers, conviction of "statutory rape", seriously you name it, it's happened. After typing that sentence, even I wonder why I sympathize for the guy.

However, what ends up garnering the show any deserved acclaim are those redeeming factors of Hanks's personality, which balance out the crazy; he has a hilarious demeanor, endless one-liners ("Booyah...nailed it!"), he is off the charts charming, and the show develops honest and meaningful stories for his character week after week that leaves a lasting mark on the audience.

No matter what kind of terrible situation Hank finds himself in, the audience roots  for him to pull his life together. We want him to cut the crap, end up with Karen, and finally prove to his daughter he can be something other than the "cool" dad.

Those honest moments within that father/daughter relationship is really where the show hits its highest marks, and what made me a fan forever.

Try to fight the ugly cry, while watching the following heartbreaking clip from the most recent season, that aired earlier this year. Definitely, in my opinion, a well crafted scene, showing the excellence of scripted television drama.

Since I became a rabid watcher of Californication way before my new found love of The X-Files this year, I feel like I'm experiencing Duchovny's successful career in reverse.

In my eyes, it's actually hilarious to see him portray a goofy, yet, straight faced alien hunting FBI agent, after knowing him as this bad-ass, addiction ridden writer. X-Files people probably felt the opposite, and more than likely lost their shit over the nod to the show in Californication several weeks ago (Moody getting dressed for court: "I look like an FBI agent!")

I actually understood this reference! Yay, I'm part of the club!

What is the fate for a complicated man like Hank Moody? Season four recently wrapped, and I'm still one episode away from the end, so for all I know he is sitting pretty in prison. Each season brings some new twists-you never know where he will end up. The allure of Mr. Moody continues on.

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