Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Vh1 Artists You Oughta...NOOO!

Adele's current release, 21, is soaring at number one on all kinds of music charts in the United States, and just broke Madonna's record in the UK for consecutive weeks in the top spot.

All of the success would surprise anyone who knew that in Adele's early acclaim several years ago, she was marked by a beast, confusingly called, "Vh1 Artists You Oughta Know". You Oughta know? Otherwise known as, "Hi, I'll be a one hit wonder for the summer".

First rule of the music business; if VH1 offers you this title, always say no. For some reason it appears to be a strong curse. Artists enjoy your obscurity and smaller fan base before America wants to throw you out the window.

For every Adele, there is a James Blunt (who became the most hated man on the planet), or Regina Spektor, who has the most unique and powerful singing voice in the music industry, but has been diminished to folks only recognizing her by the fact that "Fidelity" is still being used in every romantic comedy trailer.

Many others have felt the wrath of VH1, including wonderful artists like, A Fine Frenzy and KT Tunstall. Also, I cringe that they currently have their paws all over Mumford and Sons, as well as, Grace Potter and The Nocturnals.

If they are truly worthy, maybe they will break out into real success several years later, just like Adele as done (we can hope).

Originally I was not a fan of Adele; the selections on her debut album just didn't do it for me. However, I couldn't deny the power and beauty behind her voice, which is why I was pleasantly surprised when I purchased her album this week, and fell in love with the album as a whole (save for a throw away cover of "Love Song").

One selection particularly has me driven into obsessive repeat mode; the last track, "Someone Like You"

The discovery of the above video, is actually what drove me to purchase the album right away.

At first I wished the album version was more like this raw live performance, but the album version still radiates emotion rather well. That note she hits right as the chorus starts, gives me chills every time.

Go get 21, if you haven't already!

(Side note for anyone who cares: As I am behind on this Blog everyday thing, this is counting for April 3rd. I am going to catch up!)

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