Monday, April 11, 2011

What I Like About Shirley

To the 20-somethings of today, a goal (to an embarrassing amount of my generation) would be to spend the afternoon with a Kardashian or ride the crazy train and work for that Charlie Sheen mess.

What about me? Where do I fall? Oh, I just want to hang out with Shirley MacLaine. That ballsy, endearing, say it like it is broad, would be a delight to talk to for an afternoon.

["I don't go to plays, because I can nap at home for free!"]

MacLaine gave an hour long interview today on Oprah, and if it is possible, my adoration for her is only stronger. She is one of those actresses I admire mostly for her movies (Steel Magnolias, The Apartment, In Her Shoes, Terms Of Endearment, etc), and never cared to venture into digging deep in her personal life.

Wow, all the things I missed! What came out of the interview were some interesting and shocking details.

First of all, MacLaine's younger brother is Warren Beatty. Since knowing random trivia is one of my greatest attributes, it pains me to ask; how did I NOT know that?

Something else that was a revelation, but apparently only to me, and not to Oprah or her audience, was that MacLaine is well known for her public reflections on spirituality, her belief in reincarnation, and her experiences with UFO's.

Some call her nutty (I guess late night talk show hosts had a field day with the release of her first book in the 80's), but when has that ever deterred me? All of this new information, only made her even more interesting and endearing. It is refreshing to see someone be completely honest about their beliefs, without any care about judgment from others.

MacLaine has twelve books discussing her spectacular life, and now with interest at an all time high, I will be jetting out to shop "The Shirley MacLaine" section of the Bellingham Public Library as soon as possible. She'll have her own aisle right?

Step two: get my mitts on a copy of the television masterpiece, These Old Broads.

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