Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Night Of Neglect Indeed

Glee just isn't what it used to be. Don't get me wrong, the show still has a place in my heart, but progressively through the season it has been losing that little something that made it special.

In the past, every weekly installment would leave a glow around viewers-people would be buzzing about the drama or emotional revelation's characters were dealing with, or even be discussing the creative and "can't believe they went there" moments; honestly, I can't remember the last time I felt this way after watching an episode of Glee.

The stories are no longer compelling, leaving the talented cast with not a lot to work with. Even the music selections have been terrible. Is it because they are running out of musicians who will cooperate with the show?

Things were looking up after the last new episode several weeks ago, which found New Directions at regionals performing original music. Songs like "Loser Like Me" transformed the show into the original vibe that we all fell in love with when it began; talented kids who don't get appreciated, get bullied, and the audience really relates.

Last nights, hugely anticipated new episode (the first in a month), once again faltered. Gwenyth was back, again. While I have nothing against Ms. Paltrow, whenever she is on the show, her presence overpowers all the younger actors. There are already too many kids on the show, but they bring in huge stars instead of drumming up stories for the characters we already love and don't see nearly enough? Huge mistake.

[Adele, you show 'em how it's really done.]

When Paltrow's appearances first began, earlier in the season, it was really great; she rocked her version of "Forget You", so much that I almost like the song edited more than the original, and the countrified version of "Landslide" was lovely. However, after last night, it's just enough already.

While Paltrow excelled in covering pop tunes, powerful ballads may not be her strong suit. How did they even release that version of "Turning Tables" out of a recording studio? (If you missed it, check it out!) It made sense for Paltrow's storyline last night, but they should have saved that brilliant song for later in the show, and let someone like Santana tackle the sucker. Seriously.

Also, who else loved Paltrow's close to home, zinger of a monologue, about haters? Apparently I learned nothing. Another fine point; even though I love Emma and Will, why did we get no proper farewell to Stamos? We hardly knew ye.

Glee, come back to us! Fans still know that those creative, brilliant, eye-brow raising stories are still in you! We'll be waiting.


  1. You didn't mention BUBBLY TOES. I am seriously considering revoking my Mike Chang love. So sad. Almost everything about this episode was lame!

  2. ahh I know! dancing was great (obviously) but terrible terrible music


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