Friday, April 22, 2011


Washington actually reached 60 degrees today-huzzah! Even more reason to celebrate as it is Earth Day and Good Friday! Just a perfect day to be outside. Alas, I was stuck in an office for most of this gloriousness, but burst out the door to enjoy it for several hours at least.

"She Works Hard For The Money", has become my theme song this week (if anyone can find something to top this video, let me know)-settling into a full time job for the first time in...ions it feels like, has been really burning me out! I just worked six days in a row, sheesh! Even though (as they say) my dogs are barking, there will be no complaints from this lady. It just takes some transition time.

Adjusting into my new schedule also means that today-this blogging every day business-is going to be very light.

It ran through my mind to just write nothing today, but then The Washington Post gave me a reason to bust into the old blogger account. Yay, something to share!

Peeps! Fun to blow up in the microwave, not that tasty to eat. There are many that love to chomp down on a big piece of marshmallow fluff, but aren't they just the best to play with? That Easter tradition has just been taken to a whole other level.

Everyone loves a diorama, so why not create some with Peeps! The Washington Post held a contest where people entered tons of genius pieces using Peeps to recreate famous movie scenes, world events, or even some places (the "Peep Street Market", homage to Seattle, diorama really won me over).

Check out the whole collection of finalists and the winner on The Posts' website. I badly wanted to dress up some Peeps for myself and take some pictures, but definitely some other time. New Easter tradition began!

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