Thursday, April 21, 2011

What's Hot: "Everybodys A Suspect!"

It's officially time warp week; everything that has been an inspiration or interest the last several days have all been an ode to my past self. Even though we look back on younger days and think, "Who was that? And why did she dress so gross and not understand makeup?" that younger self is still there, somewhere, inside.

Past things might draw much embarrassment, however, I will always enjoy looking back on all the things I used to passionately love. We move on from interests just as quickly as we transform our looks. Some things stick, but most get left by the wayside as time passes.

Case in point: the release of Scream 4 this week has been putting me back in the mind set of a ridiculous teen.

In my world, every sleepover from middle school lived or died according to wither or not we watched The Scream Trilogy. They are campy, a lil' gory, racy, and, of course, spooky, all of which make the perfect combo for late into the night parties. My friends and I, had them memorized, spouting out quotes around school as if those scripts were the life-changing literature of my generation.

Subsequently, post-middle school obsession, my interest in the films dwindled soon after that. When it was revealed over a year ago, that a 4th was in production, all I could do was release a collective groan; my thirteen-year-old self gave me the side eye, but I still had to question, did the world really need another Scream movie?

Last Friday I found out just how wrong I was; five minutes into Scream 4, with their always ingeniously tricky opening scenes, I instantly remembered why these movies are so popular, and why I loved them in the first place.

The audience is quickly swept into the world full of characters we love, and we smile, alternating with bits of fear. It's one of those event type movies, that are just a blast to sit through in the theater with other fans, really getting into the cheering, laughing, and gasping.

Scream 4 once again shows how horror movies can be witty, entertaining, smart, and at the same time, make the audience jump. All of this without derogatory gross out murdering, like those other new horror movies (the Saw's, the Hostels) that I wouldn't watch if my life depended on it (ironic, no?).

Originally, this post started out as an Ode to the character that David Arquette was made to play, Deputy Dewey (he's a Sheriff now, don't forget), however I got a little reminiscent and rambly, so I think I'll save it for a career retrospect later in the week.

Seriously, if you want to be a little scared, laugh, or experience event cinema go see Scream 4 this weekend. I am a renewed fan, honestly, still shocked at how much I enjoyed it, so lets continue the love for this classic series.

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