Saturday, April 23, 2011

Trailer Wars: Headbangers Ball

Alternative rock music, circa the mid 90's, used to be the music that rocked this girls world. Dancing and bouncing around my room to Tragic Kingdom, wishing I had platinum blond hair (to the likes of  Ms. Stefani), are some of my earliest childhood memories.

Even though Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, No Doubt, Weezer, and the like, still get some play in my bedroom-my music taste is no longer 90's rock exclusive; I have definitely branched into loving just about any kid of my music that comes my way.

Continuing with blast to the past week, these memories of rock-star Justine popped back into my consciousnesses after watching Joseph Gordan-Levitt on Thursday nights' edition of Conan.

Levitt was on to promote his latest movie Hesher-where he plays a headbanging-heavy metal loving dude. Alternative rock of my generation pales in comparison to the hardcore fans of Metallica and Tool, so I'll stop pretending I was ever this badass, and step back to watch the master act.

Long hair, van dwelling Levitt, still wins a place in the old heart and it's a wonder what kind of influence this guy will have on a child. No question, some profound, while unlikely, heartwarming relationship will ensue between cans of PBR.

To top the hilarious interview off (including Levitt committing to being the bodyguard to Conan's beard), and just to add to the reasons why Conan remains my main squeeze, Levitt's interview ended with a balls out headbanging extravaganza.

Although, in true Conan fashion-it didn't work out as planned. Conan in a long wig always sets my heart all aflutter.

was a hit at this years Sundance, so look for it near you when it is released on May 13th.

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