Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Musical Discovery: Emmylou

As I am a full-time (or more like OVER time) workin' lady these days, I have decided this blog needs a little more structure. This way I figure I won't be so frazzled trying to think of something (anything!) to write. During this week I'll begin to integrate daily themed posts. Sound good? Well, lets get started.

Last Saturday, I had some fun with my library card, and checked out a mass collection of winning books and tunes. The library is really a poor persons best friend, so why not utilize it?

Especially in the music area, new things can literally be discovered every day. Selections from A Fine Frenzy, The New Pornographers, and even a duel live disc of Carol King and James Taylor made their way home with me recently.

The soundtrack to Brokeback Mountain, which I almost put back on the shelf when I realized I had eight CD's clasped under my arm, has actually been playing the most for the last several days. The minimalistic guitar score is fantastic, but it has mostly been playing non-stop because it highlights an iconic singer; Emmylou Harris. Her haunting voice perfectly resonates on the ballad, "A Love That Will Never Grow Old".

Inclusions of lovely songs, like that one, that ties into the emotional story, only makes Brokeback Mountain even more heart wrenching.

Harris has been a part of the music industry since the 1970s, and even though I always consider her to behold one of the most astounding singing voices, I am ashamed to admit that I don't know much about her or own any of her solo albums. Tragic.

Her work in movie soundtracks (O Brother Where Art Thou), duets with Dolly Parton, and work with Conor Oberst, ultimately is what brought her to my attention. However, I am planning on changing that. With nearly forty solo albums-there is a lot of catching up to do!

It's surprising to me that I connect with Harris's music as much as I do. Country music, on any range of the spectrum, normally hurts my ears. Although, with a voice like that, how can this musical exploration go wrong?

(Editors Note From The Future: Destiny strikes! Just yesterday, without my knowledge, Emmylou released a brand new CD. What are the odds? This post just became even more topical. Check out Hard Bargin at your nearest record store, or I guess, Itunes.)

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