Sunday, April 10, 2011

Trailer Wars: Dunst & Skarsgard Get Married...and Die?

Lars Von Trier has released intriguing, and at the same time, some of the most completely nutso films in recent memory. He has created stories that leave a viewer filled with emotions ranging from compelling interest, so much so that you can't turn it off, but also images that are very real and mostly unsettling.

When you sit down to watch one of his films, Dogville for example, you know what to expect; and that is, you don't know what to expect.

This kind of adored reputation has been revived this week with the release of a trailer for his latest; Melancholia. Just the title intrigues.

The best kind of movie trailers are filled with mystery, and I wouldn't expect anything else from Trier.

Leave it to Trier to have a movie involving both a wedding and impending doom, contrasted by a bunch of dreamy music. Who even knows what the heck is going to happen!

On a side tangent, a very important question; why must characters named Justine (in this film, played by Dunst) always be some kind of cuckoo? Now, this is just an assumption that Dunsts' character turns out to be crazy, as the trailers eludes.

I take notice, and I am partial to this question, as my name is Justine.

It is not often I meet other Justine's, or see it used often, but whenever it is the name of a character in movies or books, it will be for one of the following types of women; drug addicts, those on the verge of mental breakdown, those of low means, "ladies of the night", or, one in particular, that gets murdered by the monster in Frankenstein. For obvious reasons this is always a big bummer to me, and I'm sure, depressing to all those other Justine's out there.

"Hey look! It's that nice, funny, smart girl, Justine!" Now that's better.

There is currently no US release date for Melancholia, so we'll have to idly hang tight before really discovering what this movie is all about!

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