Thursday, April 28, 2011

Farewell, Mr. Scott

Everything is starting to blur together this week; what day is it? Thursday? Great!

This fact is fantastic for two reasons; one-tomorrow is Friday, two-NBC comedies air tonight. Although, a single tear is coming down my face as I realized that we have reached it-the point of no return for The Office; can it possibly survive without Steve Carell?

Tonight, Michael Scott gallivants off to Montana (or was it Colorado? Oh, well, somewhere West of Scranton) with Holly, where they will live happily ever after, doing terrible impressions together in a log cabin. That's how I'll imagine it anyway-they are as perfect for each other as television couples can get!

As we wish Steve Carell on his way, to bigger and better things in the movie industry, let us not forget all of those memorable times: Michael Klump. Booze Cruizin. Scotts Tots. Prison Mike. Really too many to count, and better summed up in a clip montage.

He even proposed using Yoda speak for crying out loud; oh Michael, where will the world be without your antics.

As this season began, and it was revealed that Carell would be making his exit, I didn't think I would care that much. Though still funny, mostly the show had been slowing deflating the past couple of seasons. Then, BAM! this recent season has been consistently outrageous, and gut-bustingly hilarious.

Not only that, but Scott as a character has so profoundly evolved. At first he was the creepy boss we all hate, but in recent seasons, Scott has become endearing (though still clueless)-you just want to give him a hug! Now, I nearly plead for Carell to hold on.

It's too late, we've lost him. Well, on TV anyway.

I left room at the bottom, so I could sign off with this character's lasting cultural legacy- a "That's What She Said" joke.

It seems like it would be really simple to think of one, but actually, it's quite hard.

That's what she said.

Yes, I just wrote that. Michael would be proud.

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