Sunday, May 29, 2011

Strike That. Reverse It.

For the last few months I have been talking some serious s-h-i-t. However, being a reasonable person, I'll admit being wrong, especially when the claims refer to important matters, like a movie or television show.
It's no secret that Season Three of Parks and Recreation has turned me into a Pawnee,IN loving maniac.  Now, I wasn't always a fan, and have been making bold remarks all year to anyone who would listen; why did this show take so long to be good? It's hilarious now, but, WOAH, Season One was terrible!

Truth is-Parks and Recreation was always funny.

This weekend I decided to give Season One a second chance, and realized it's just as ingenious and hilarious as the newest season. Was my funny bone broken back in 2009? More likely, in the height of my love of The Office, I was bitter that a show would even dare to attempt a similar idea. Now, of course, it is evident that those two shows couldn't be more different.

The fact that I am now attached to all the characters has also made it easy to go back and love the early episodes. When the show first started, on the surface the characters seem pretty zaney, and Leslie could have been interpreted as rather intense and crazy (in a good way), which isn't everyone's cup of tea for laughs.

In my opinion, this is the tragedy behind why Arrested Development got canceled. These types of dry, witty, comedies need time for an audience to be drawn to it in big numbers. Sometimes (stressed....SOMETIMES) TV big wigs get it right. Good thing some suit out there stopped Parks and Rec from facing the same fate as the Bluths, which gave morons like me time to snap out of it. As the show continues on, we now love the crazy, yet endearing, qualities of these characters and the audience continues to grow.

Anyone else willing to accept the challenge of becoming a full fledged Parks and Rec super-fan, it's all streaming live on Netflix right now. Highlights from Season One:

1. Andy cleaning the house with two broken legs.
2. Andy greeting a fellow gentlemen at "the pit" as they each throw in their haul of garbage.
3. Tom "Peacocking" at a bar.
4. Leslie participating, and rather enjoying, a (bagged) dog poop fight with some hooligans.

If there were one thing the producers should change if they had a time machine and could go back to Season One, and  make it even more amazing? Bring in Jean-Ralphio from day one-obviously.

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